Mar. 6th, 2013

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The Villain Party Meme

Guess what? The Villains' Annual Convention is in town. It's a time for villains of all walks of life to meet, compare evil schemes, steal take notes on one another's inventions, and generally be dastardly together. The panel schedule's done for the day, so it's time to head to the local eatery for food, drinks, discussion, and maybe a bit of mayhem.

Fortunately, there's a restaurant very close to the convention center: the White Top.

If You're A Villain:

Come in, sit down, converse! Find a table, head to the bar, talk about today's panels or your latest foolproof scheme to conquer the world, whatever suits your fancy. This is your convention, after all. A word of warning, though: the manager of this restaurant has hired some additional security. Get too rowdy and you might find yourself in a fight.

If You're A Hero, A Neutral, Or Just Not Villainous:

You can still play too! I suggest you dabble a bit on the AU side and work in the restaurant - a busy night will always need servers, bartenders, hosts, and cooks. There's also added security, if that's more your speed. Otherwise, if you were ballsy enough to get a table in this end of town during the Villains' Con...good luck? Or you may simply have been unfortunate enough to wander into the wrong neighborhood. Just take the fighting outside.

Blank comments will be deleted. Please give your fellow players something to work with.

Now, get in there and have fun!


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