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Name:Whine and Dine - A Restaurant-Themed Dressing Room
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A restaurant-themed dressing room role play community meant for good eats and fun.
Welcome, everyone, to the White Top Restaurant! As the owner and manager, I would like to invite you in to our lovely establishment, located anywhere you need it to be. Just outside the orbiting satellite you're living on? Certainly! How about in that city you're mysteriously trapped in? Of course! Underwater? Why not!

Here, we serve everything, and I do mean everything. Whether your taste runs to the finest of French cuisines, or to simple down-home cookin', or if you'd rather "rustle up some grubs" - quite literally - we have it all. Our waitstaff and bartenders would be more than happy to serve you.

Bring your friends, your family, that odd person who only just arrived, or even your mortal enemy if you like! Come in, sit down, enjoy a meal, and converse - it's a nice break away from whatever you have going on at the moment, isn't it?


[community profile] whineanddine is a panfandom dressing room with open membership. The White Top restaurant exists anywhere and everywhere and has an infinite amount of seating, both in the restaurant proper and in the bar. Anything your character wants to order is on the menu (food-wise, at least. Anyone who wants to eat people or have a "happy ending" will kindly take it outside, thank you).

If your character wants to meet someone from their game for a nice meal and talk about the way things are going, this is the place. Blind dates or speed dating also happen here all the time. Or maybe your character would like to meet someone from another game or a past game that they haven't seen in a while - go for it!

If you'd rather have an AU twist, feel free to set up a thread where your character is a bartender, or tag into someone else's table briefly as a waiter (though discussing it with them first might be a good idea), or have a thread in the kitchen with nothing but cooks and waitstaff talking about those crazy patrons they're taking care of out there. (If you've ever been in food service, you know exactly what I'm talking about.)

While you're here, please keep in mind that the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. What this means is, be nice to your fellow diners and waitstaff. Keep lines of communication open, no godmodding, don't fourth wall other characters without express player permission, and just generally treat each other with respect. After all, we're all here to have fun.

Your manager-slash-mod is Kia [personal profile] kiaxet - feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions or concerns.

Bon appetit!
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