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Kiaxet ([personal profile] kiaxet) wrote in [community profile] whineanddine2012-03-14 09:31 pm
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[OOC] Upcoming Event: Speed Dating

Hey! This is Kia, the local mod, and...well, this place needs some more activity, don't you think? Well, I certainly do, and that's why we're having our first activity: Speed Dating!

The premise of speed dating is pretty simple - two groups of people (usually guys and girls, but this is RP and I know there's at least one Jack Harkness out there, so let's be far less specific here) get together with someone from the other group and talk...for maybe five or ten minutes. A bell rings, and everyone moves down the line to the next person. It's a very social event, and the point is to find a person or seven that you might want to hang out with/meet up with/date/etc later on (hopefully for more than five minutes at a time).

The structure of this event will probably be pretty loose - right now, this is a post just to see who all is interested. The event itself (along with a bit more of an idea of how it'll work) will go up sometime next week, because this weekend is Wondercon and I am busy.

That's about it! Who's in?

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