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There's an old man sitting next to me Making love to his tonic and gin

[Thomas is standing behind the gleaming mahogany bar, a Boston shaker at his elbow as he watches the bar with a lazy, indulgent smile. Every so often, the light catches in his eyes with a gleam of silver, but for the moment he's content to just watch. And pour a drink for anyone who happens to pull up to the bar.]
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[Jack pulls up to the bar in good time, quirking an amused eyebrow at the man behind it.]

Come here often, handsome?
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You poor darling. Are you having fun, at least?
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Well, I guess I'll just have to take your mind off of it, hm?

A martini sounds lovely.
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I don't look half as good in a dress as Ingrid Bergman, sorry, handsome.
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[That gets a low chuckle out of Jack, too, and he's watching Thomas very intently.] Confidentially? For you, we might not need the drinks.
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[He nods in thanks, and then takes a sip, pausing to savor it a bit, before he's back to grinning at Thomas.]

Thoughtful of you.
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[A moment later a small platypus walks in wearing a hat.

He slides up to the bar and watches the bar tender for a moment. He then picks up a menu and points to a fruity drink with an umbrella sticking out of it.

He's had a long day, thwarting his nemesis was extremely trying today and Major Monogram made even more ridiculous jokes than even he had patience for...not to mention that BACKSTORY from Doof. Ugh, don't ask him about THAT.
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[Perry will just give YOU a look now, like, 'Dude, just give me a drink, you aren't hallucinating.' Of course he can't SAY that because he's a platypus, they don't really talk.

He'll wait, but seriously if you're going to take this long he'll hop back there himself and do it. He makes a mean martini after all. He drums his fingers to make a point.
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[For the last time he's not a hallucination. Seriously, you are the only one who has ever thought that bartender person.

He sighs and points to the menu again. The fruity drink with the umbrella.

Also he is frowning at you for calling him Duck Boy. Does he LOOK like a duck? Sure the bill might be misleading but, come on, he doesn't even HAVE feathers.
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[Perry is probably just special. He hasn't meant many other platypi that are also secret agents. Not unless you counted alternate dimensions or that time Doof was cloning him.

He shrugs, he doesn't drink that often anyway. It wouldn't do good for his cover as an ordinary platypus if he was drunk
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[Ooh he gets to pick his fancy umbrella. Excellent.

He plucks out a blue one with orange flowers and holds it up to Thomas.

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[He tips his hat slightly.


He starts sipping it through a straw. Yes, that's the stuff
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[Here's a sushi chef waiter who desperately looks like he needs a break and caffeine]
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[He gladly takes the seat to give his weary feet a rest.]

Um... is there any tea or coffee back there? I only have a fifteen break.
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[Thinks about it for a second]

One soda please.
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[Ivan drops his head. He takes the glass, wounded pride is not new to him. Someday he hopes he'll be a strong, manly Hero... but now he's just a waiter.]

Thanks, I thought I'd be used to the workload by now.
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Is there something going on in the area? Or a promotion?

[He takes a sip of soda. If there is something, Ivan didn't get the memo]
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[Selene loves mortals, loves mingling with them and trying to fit in with them. It was a favorite past time of hers since Endymion... So why not do so tonight?

Although the room wasn't full or anywhere near it, she still managed to find all the crowds to pick her way through as she made her way to the bar. Leaning on the bar, she gave the tender a slow smile.]

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[Selene watches him for a moment, appearing thoughtful. And really, she is. You can't exactly go up to a mortal bar and order ambrosia.... She rests her chin on her hand and gives a small shrug.]

How strong can you make my cosmo?
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[She shrugs her shoulders again.]

Surprise me?
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[Technically speaking, Xigbar is supposed to be out on a reconnaissance mission. But while this isn't the world he's supposed to be gleaning information about, there's also a certain something to be said for the way information tends to flow in establishments like this. And besides, he's almost done with that world; surely Xemnas won't mind him seeing what he can pick up about other worlds besides.

So he's still in the customary coat of the Organization when he slides up to the bar, although he's got his hood down. One odd patron here won't be out of the ordinary.]

Long day?
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[There's a slight nod at the first comment. Though he isn't going to talk about the nature of his work in even the most vague of terms, he can agree that it has been a long day, and it's not even over yet.]

Surprise me.
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[Xigbar watches as he makes the drink, although he makes no indication that anything ought to be changed. If anything he's more curious to see what goes into a drink, when he lets the bartender have his way.]

Ah, you can't expect everyone to know the right names for things.
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[And this would be your front-end manager, looking rather pleased.]

How have things been tonight, Thomas? Not too many problem customers, I hope.
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[It was a simple but effective way to maintain authority, and she rarely ever had to do it more than once. As it was, she was rather glad that she and Thomas had come to an understanding, and she took the glass of cider and sipped it delicately.]

Hopefully not too much charm. We don't need another...situation like we had last month.